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The day to day running of the school is managed by the Senior Management Team made up of:

  • Head teacher
  • Curriculum leader who oversees curriculum matters
  • Special educations needs coordinator (SENCO) who is Head of Pastoral Care
  • Early Years coordinator who oversees Pre-school and Reception

The Board of Governors and the Trustees are two separate committees with distinct roles that jointly govern both St. Winifred's School and The Gregg School. The Trustees have overall financial and legal responsibility for the schools, delegating responsibility of education and broadening the opportunities of the pupils to the Governors. 

The Role of the Trustees

The Trustees have a special role involving the financial and legal responsibility to the Trust. 

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the Trust operates in accordance with all legal and financial regulations in law or as required by the Charity Commission.  The Trustees are registered as Directors of the Trust at Companies House and therefore have the same responsibilities as any company director.

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The Role of the Governors

The Governors’ role is to advise, assist and support school activities.  The Governors have a special responsibility towards the pupils, parents and staff of the two schools.  The Governors have a crucial role in the direction, future success and achievements of the school.

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You may contact the Governors by writing to the school office or by e-mail

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